The Ultimate Guide to Staging/Decorating Your House for the Fall Season


Want to sell your home faster this fall? Then you’ll need to stage it properly.

Why? Because fall is the time of year when people tend to start spending more time indoors, and you’ll want to create a cozy, welcoming environment than helps potential buyers envision themselves living in your house happily.

So, if you’re thinking about how to stage your house so you can boost its appeal and sell it faster, check out this helpful guide to give both your interior and exterior a seasonal update:

How to stage your house for fall: tips for the exterior

Giving the outside of your home a few simple updates can boost curb appeal and help you make a great first impression on potential buyers. Here’s how to pull it off during the fall season:

Plant a garden full of seasonal colors

Nothing says you care about your home’s curb appeal quite like a fresh garden full of blooming flowers. Consider goldenrods, mums, or pansies – all of these flowers come in attractive fall colors and can withstand colder temperatures!

Buy a wreath (or make your own!)

Autumn wreaths are a great way to show that you’re embracing the season. But if you’ve ever shopped for wreaths, you already know that they aren’t usually cheap – especially the handmade ones!

Good news: you can make your own wreath and save some serious cash while still boosting your home’s seasonal appeal! To do so, you’ll simply need floral wire (to create the foundation for your wreath), craft glue, your wreath décor of choice, and a pair of work gloves to keep your hands safe while you work.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a wreath, check out this list of DIY guides for making autumn wreaths or head over to YouTube and search for a video tutorial. You’ll be a wreath-making master in no time!

Update the front porch and door

Choose hanging baskets full of bright-colored flowers for your porch to make your home feel more welcoming during the fall season. You can also place large potted flowers and/or pumpkins on both sides of the front door for some added curb appeal.

For help choosing flowers and creating your own hanging baskets, check out this handy guide.

Decorate your outdoor dining space

Before you start decorating, you might want to consider purchasing a cover for your dining area – that way, leaves don’t end up falling all over it!

Once you’ve done that, choose seasonal dinnerware and plants to place on your table. And don’t forget to decorate your chairs! You can do this by updating them with a fresh coat of paint or simply changing out the cushion to add a pop of fall color to your dining area.

How to stage your house for fall: tips for the interior

Once your guests are done admiring the décor on your porch and the plants in your yard, you’ll want to wow them with your seasonal interior décor as well. Here are some options to consider:

Bowls of seasonal fruit

The great thing about using faux fruit to decorate is that it can be very inexpensive but still packs a huge punch when it comes to the interior appeal of your home – perfect for staging your home on a budget!

Once you’ve purchased a bowl, look for faux fruit at your local craft store. To stick with an earthy fall theme, try to find red or green apples, grapes, and plums. You can also add twigs and leaves from your yard or find fake ones at a craft store.

If you’re planning to create a fairly large fruit bowl, you can even incorporate a candle to fill your home with the smell of fall. Opt for pumpkin spice, cinnamon, or a similar warm scent.

Vases of fall flowers

Don’t be afraid to get creative when you’re making a fall flower arrangement! For example, you can choose to use a pumpkin or gourd as a vase instead of a regular glass vase for a unique seasonal look.

When you’re choosing flowers, look for colors like orange, white, yellow, dark purple, and fuchsia. And don’t forget to water your arrangements regularly!

A fall-inspired fireplace

Using your fireplace is a great way to encourage cozy and warm feelings on a chilly fall day. You can even decorate the mantel with candles, pumpkins, and faux leaves to warm up the color scheme in your home for the fall season.

Couch customizations

Replace light, summery throw pillows with pillows in deep fall shades made with sturdier fabrics. Also, add luxurious throws that go with your pillows so your prospective buyers can imagine themselves having a warm blanket within easy reach while relaxing in the living room.

Tip: get comfy throws for cheap at stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s!

Dining room chair updates

To give your chairs a seasonal update, paint them a fall color like dark red, burnt orange, or deep purple. If you’d like to make a change that isn’t quite so permanent, you can simply add an upholstery cushion that features a seasonal design to the chair – perfect for keeping your Thanksgiving guests comfortable when November arrives!

For an added fall vibe in your dining room, create hanging fall leaf streamers to mimic the falling leaves outdoors.

Layers throughout your home

Throw pillows and soft throws aren’t just for the couch – you can add them all over your home for a warm, cozy feel. Drape them over the chairs in your house, and consider placing a large throw at the end of your bed.

An updated entry to accommodate guests

Add an umbrella rack, a coat rack, and a rug to make sure your guests can wipe their feet when they enter your home and place their belongings aside conveniently. If mud caused by rainy weather is a problem in your area during the fall season, you may also want to designate a place for guests to put their shoes when they enter.
So, there you have it. No more worrying about how to stage your house to sell it faster during the fall season – just follow the tips you’ve read here and your home is sure to appeal to potential buyers!
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