Healthy Restaurants and Grocery Stores in Austin and Where to Find Them


Trying to plan a nutritious dinner out or snag some fresh food at a healthy grocery store in Austin?

You’re in luck. Since I’ve worked near the Austin area for so long, I’ve learned of several restaurants and grocery stores that are sure to please vegans and meat-eaters alike! Check them out:

Healthy places to eat in Austin, TX

Next time you’re looking to grab some grub in Austin, head over to one of these healthy restaurants:

Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar

As you can tell by the name of this restaurant, they’re big on fish. Dine at Perla’s, and you’ll notice a wide selection of fresh seafood from both US coasts and the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve got everything from octopus to scallops and beyond! If you’re not big on seafood, grab a USDA prime steak or try one of their surf & turf options to get the best of both worlds.

If you want to eat here, just make sure you call ahead to make a reservation or place one online. That way, you’ll be able to grab a seat without waiting around for too long!

Mother’s Cafe

If you’re after some healthy vegetarian/vegan food, look no further. At Mother’s Café, you’ll find a good selection of soups, salads, enchiladas, sandwiches, and more. If you’re looking to get your fruit fix, you can try one of their smoothies – they’ll even make a custom one just for you!


Juiceland, as you’ve probably guessed, serves a variety of juices. But, they also have a wide selection of healthy food, including kale salad, vegan taco salad, and a sushi bowl.

If you’re not a fan of juice, try a smoothie or one of their coffee options.

Conscious Cravings

Food trucks are notorious for their greasy, unhealthy food options – but not Conscious Cravings! They offer wraps, salads, and smoothies that cater to vegetarian/vegan diets.

They also have a few refreshing drink options, like Organic Blueberry Lemonade and Raspberry Hibiscus Iced Tea – great for a hot Texas day!

Blue Dahlia Bistro

This European-inspired restaurant is great for Austinites who understand the importance of using local and organic ingredients. Plus, their meals are fairly light and include mussels, ahi tuna steak, and vegetables – perfect for anyone watching their weight or adhering to the Mediterranean diet.


Fresh veggies seem to be the star of the menu at this healthy Austin restaurant, where you’ll enjoy a fancy four-course meal for $42.

Don’t feel like shelling out that much cash for dinner? Go to Gardner from 5:30-7:00pm and enjoy happy hour, and you’ll get $2 off all patio snacks and draft beers – yum!

Bouldin Creek Café

At this healthy spot, you’ll find that most of the food is vegan. If not, it can probably be made in a way that caters to vegan diets. They’ve got lots of options that include faux meat, like tofu tacos and a meatless BLT.

If you’re feeling thirsty, you’ll be happy to find that they’ve got a huge drink menu, featuring unique coffee options like the Nutella Mocha Freeze. So, grab your favorite coffee-loving vegan and head to Bouldin Creek Café!


Feeling especially healthy? Head over to leaf for a heaping helping of fresh salad!

And these aren’t just your typical, boring salads. They’ve got all kinds of options, including an Avocado BLT salad and an Asiago Lemon Shrimp salad. If you’re a bit picky or have specific food allergies, don’t worry – you can build your own salad based on what you like.

Sweet Ritual

Okay, okay – even the healthiest desserts usually aren’t that healthy. But, if you’re going to get yourself a sweet treat, it might as well be vegan, right?

If you think so, then head to 4500 Duval Street (it’s actually inside of JuiceLand!) and grab a couple scoops of dairy-free, egg-free, casein-free ice cream! They’ve got a massive menu, so you’re sure to find a flavor you like.

Healthy grocery stores in Austin, TX

If you’re looking for organic, healthy foods to use while cooking your next meal, check out these Austin grocery stores:

Whole Foods

With nutritious food in high demand these days, it’s easy to see why health-conscious shoppers choose Whole Foods. Although it’s a bit on the pricy side, they boast a wide selection of organic produce and foods you won’t be able to find in your average grocery store. Plus, they’ve got a hot bar to cater to those looking for a pre-made meal.

And here’s a bonus – the flagship Austin location features an ice skating rink on top of the building!

Sprout’s Farmers Market

Sprout’s isn’t an outdoor farmer’s market, but it’s the next best thing. They have tons of produce, baked goods, meats, and more. And they even have pet food, so Fido can eat healthy too!

If you’re looking to get the best deal on food at Sprouts, head over to their website to look at their in-store specials. While you’re at it, print out a couple of coupons, and you’ll save even more.

Central Market

Like Sprout’s, Central Market advertises their weekly specials online. However, they typically have a much wider selection than Sprout’s – it’s more on par with what Whole Foods offers.

So, whether you’re after baked goods, fresh flowers, dairy, deli meats, or something else, you can feel confident that Central Market probably has what you’re looking for.

Natural Grocers

While Natural Grocers doesn’t have as wide of a selection as Central Market, you’ll typically find better prices on many items there and can appreciate that they feature only organic produce. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking to buy vitamins, homeopathic solutions, or natural bath and body items.

So, if you’re on a budget but still want to eat healthy, Natural Grocers may be your best bet.

…What are your favorite healthy places to eat in Austin? Share in the comments section!