5 Common New Year’s Resolutions for Home Owners

new years resolutions for home owners


As the New Year approaches, it’s time for a new school semester, a new quarter at work, and of course, unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that will be forgotten by February.

Lots of people decide on resolutions like losing weight, spending more time with friends and family, starting their own business, or taking up a new hobby. But others plan resolutions related to their home.

Check out the following 5 New Year’s resolutions for homeowners, and decide for yourself if you think you can stick to any of them!

1.      Start making more mortgage payments.

As the New Year arrives, plan to make multiple mortgage payments every month. In fact, why not just pay your entire mortgage off all at once? Then, you wouldn’t even have to worry about the monthly hassle of paying it!

…Of course, I’m joking. If everyone in the world could buy a house with cash, there’d be no need for mortgages in the first place. But houses are expensive, and paying them off takes time.

While you may not be able to make an extra payment every month, you might be able to make an extra payment or two every year. Analyze your finances at the start of the year, and plan to pay as many extra payments as you realistically can. By doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of interest the bank receives and shorten the amount of time you’ll spend paying off your home!

2.      Keep your home spotless 24/7.

Keeping your entire house clean all of the time isn’t that tough.

All you’ve got to do is dust, sweep and mop the floors, clean the tubs and toilets regularly, take care of the laundry, do dishes, clean the kitchen appliances, and more…

Okay, so maybe it is pretty tough. No one wants to spend the better part of their day cleaning up, but sometimes you might end up doing it anyway so you can enjoy living in a tidy home.

Fortunately, you can cut down on your cleaning time by creating a cleaning routine and sticking to it. To learn how, check out this SparkPeople blog post that explains how to keep your house clean in 15 to 20 minutes per day (no more crazy 8-hour cleaning sessions on the weekend!).

3.      Go completely green.


If you really want to help the environment, you’ll probably need to remodel your entire home, adding in things like recycled countertops and brand new, eco-friendly appliances. You may even need to spend thousands of dollars hiring a “go-green” contractor to help make your vision a reality.

Sounds doable, right?

For most of us, of course it’s not!

But don’t let that discourage you – I have some good news. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend making your home more environmentally friendly, there are still some actions you can take to go green, including:

  • Installing low-flow showerheads
  • Using eco-friendly light bulbs
  • Switching to “green” household cleaning products
  • Selecting fragrance-free soaps and cosmetics

These minor changes won’t deal a huge blow to your finances, and you can still feel confident knowing that you’re helping the environment. It’s a win-win!

4.      Make sure your home is 100% safe.

While we’re on the topic of going green, you might as well remove everything dangerous from your home too.

That means you can go ahead and throw away any kitchen knives, sharp objects (yes, even the corner of your coffee table counts!), and anything else that could be remotely dangerous.

…Obviously, I’m not serious. Every house contains dangerous items, so you probably won’t be able to make your home 100% safe, no matter what you do.

But don’t worry – you can take steps to make it safer without having to get rid of every object in your home. Here’s how:

  • Get rid of cleaners that include harsh chemicals and replace them with a more natural alternative.
  • Test your smoke detectors to make sure they’re working properly. If you don’t have smoke detectors, install some.
  • Identify places in your home where people may be likely to fall (spots with loose rugs or wires, for example). Then, eliminate any hazards you find.
  • Consider purchasing a home security system, especially if you live in an area where crime occurs fairly often. Make sure you also advertise your security system by posting a sign in your yard and/or by your front door.
  • Make necessary repairs to your home and start prioritizing regular maintenance.
  • Consider purchasing an air purifier.
  • Create an escape plan with two exit routes that you and your family can use in case of a fire. When it’s complete, give everyone a copy and practice!

You’ll also want to evaluate your habits. For example, do you keep medications out of reach of children at all times? Do you lock your door every time you step outside of your home? Do you turn pot handles to the back of the stove while cooking? Do you always avoid leaving a child unattended in the tub?

If you notice that some of your habits aren’t safe, start making changes today to reduce the risk of you or your family getting injured.

Tip: Check out this blog post to learn how to childproof your home.

5.      Sell your house and buy the dream home you’ve always wanted.


Living in a tiny two-bedroom fixer-upper but dreaming of a luxurious mansion you can call your own?

Well, let’s be honest here – unless you win the lottery sometime soon, that may not happen.

But let me follow that with some good news: if you want to buy a home in the coming months, working with a real estate agent who knows your local area can help increase your chances of finding the best home for your specific needs.

So, while you might not land a dream home quite yet, don’t let that get you down – you can still find the right home!

On that note, if you’re looking to buy or sell in Killeen, Austin, Fort Hood, or surrounding areas in Texas, contact me today. I’d love to learn more about what you’re looking for in a home and help you find it!

Can you think of any other New Year’s resolutions that homeowners might have? Let me know in the comments section!