6 Fun Things to Do in Austin on Valentine’s Day

valentines day card


It’s that time of year again.

You can’t walk into an Austin grocery store without seeing an aisle full of pink and red hearts, chocolates, flowers, and romantic greeting cards.

And you know why – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

If you’re in a relationship or dating someone special, chances are, you’ll want to take them out to celebrate the holiday of love. But maybe you’re wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day in Austin and asking yourself…

Where can I take that special someone this year?

Well, get ready – I’m going to tell you several date ideas that are sure to impress. You’ll be laughing, holding hands, and having fun in no time!

Things to Do in Austin on Valentine’s Day


1.      Go on a Valentine’s Day cruise.

couple near water

Looking to do something different than the typical “dinner and a movie” routine? If so, then this romantic date idea could be a perfect choice!

Every year around Valentine’s Day, Capital Cruises in Austin offers Public Valentine Cruises and Private Electric Boat Rentals for Two.

The public catered cruise is a little on the pricey side at just under $170 per couple (and the “private dinner for two package” is even more at $277.25 minimum), but think about it – the cost of a nice dinner, a gift, and a movie can add up quickly, so you probably would have spent almost that much on a regular date anyway. It might be worth the extra splurge to gain the experience of doing something unique with your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

If you do decide on one of these cruise options, make sure you book well in advance on the Capital Cruises website. That way, you won’t have to worry about spots selling out.

2.      See some live music.

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Austin, it’s that there’s an amazing music scene there. So, why not take advantage of that on Valentine’s Day and check out a local concert?

Granted, this may not be the most romantic option. But if you and your special someone are more wild and fun than romantic, it could be a great way to celebrate the holiday!

Check out the Austin Chronicle concert calendar to find a show you’re interested in attending, and grab some tickets! You can make a night of it by grabbing dinner or drinks afterward, and overall it’s a great way to do Valentine’s Day on a budget.

3.      Take a helicopter tour of Austin together.

helicopter tour

Let’s face it – if you’re a risk-taking adrenaline junkie, a Valentine’s Day date probably isn’t your idea of a good time.

Unless, of course, you take your special someone on a helicopter tour of Austin.

If you choose to do this, you’ll get to fly over the Capitol building, the Downtown area, the University of Texas, and Ladybird Johnson Lake. What better way to see Austin from above than to go through an exciting, unique bonding experience with your date?

Check out the Austin Helicopter Tours website to learn more and book your reservation today.

4.      Take a ride on the Austin Steam Train.

Okay, so maybe flying isn’t your thing, but you still want to do something memorable with your date on Valentine’s Day.

Why not take a train trip?

When you climb aboard the train in Cedar Park (just outside of Austin), you’ll journey through the scenic Texas Hill Country. You’ll even make a stop in historic Burnet where you can enjoy lunch with your date before you head back home!

And, since the train takes you on a 6-hour trip, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your special someone better. So if you’re interested, head over to the Austin Steam Train website and grab a pair of tickets today.

5.      Splurge on a fancy dinner.

valentines day dinner

If you’re more on the traditional side, you’re probably looking for places to have dinner on Valentine’s Day. You want to go somewhere new, but you aren’t quite sure how to decide.

Until now! That’s right – I’ve put together a quick list of great Austin restaurants that are perfect for a romantic date night. Check it out:

  • OasisThis restaurant is unique because it features a scenic view of Lake Travis. It’s $125 per couple on Valentine’s Day, and you’ll need a reservation to attend the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dinner.
  • Wink You’re sure to enjoy yourself if you decide to eat at Wink – it was featured as one of Austin’s Top 50 Restaurants! One of the best things about their Valentine’s Day menu is that they do business as usual with an a la carte menu instead of forcing you into a pre-determined menu. And they even have exciting vegetarian options!
  • Olive + JuneIf you want to dine in a gorgeous, multi-level restaurant on Valentine’s Day, consider Olive + June. If you and your date both enjoy refined Italian food wine, you’re in for a real treat!

Keep in mind that restaurants tend to sell out Valentine’s Day seating pretty quickly, so you’ll want to decide on a restaurant pretty far ahead of time and make a reservation.

6.      Have a romantic night at home.

If you and your special someone are both homebodies, you might not feel like dealing with the pressure of creating the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Instead, it could be a good idea for you to hang out at home.

And don’t worry – this can be just as romantic and fun as going out if you do it right.

But how do you do it right?

First, run by your nearest Whole Foods grocery store to pick up some high-quality groceries and drinks and make a nice meal for your date. While you’re there, pick up some candles, chocolates, and flowers to set the mood. Then, when you and your date have eaten dinner, rent your date’s favorite movie and watch it together. It’s that simple.

Keep in mind that every person has their own idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t sure which of these things to do in Austin on Valentine’s Day will be best, ask your special someone what they’d like to do. That way, you can feel confident knowing you’ll make the right choice.

And if you have any other questions about the Austin area or are considering buying or selling a home there, feel free to contact me – I’d love to help however I can!