8 Essential Garage Sale Tips to Help You Sell More of Your Stuff

garage sale tips

Do you feel surrounded by clutter? Do you have too much stuff?

If so…

Do you think people might pay for some of it?

When your home feels like one big storage building, it’s time to lighten the burden a bit by having a garage sale.

But it’s not as simple as packing your garage full of all your junk and waiting for shoppers to show up. Proper pricing, timing, and display can make the difference between fantastic sales and a wasted day.

So today, we’re going over the 8 most critical garage sale tips you need to make your sale a huge success.

The 8 Best Garage Sale Tips

1. Build the Excitement

One of the smartest garage sale tips to follow is to advertise your sale in advance. Make sure everyone in your neighborhood knows what days you’ll be selling and what times you’ll be open.

Find community billboards in your local post office, grocery stores, and courthouse, and post flyers about your garage sale. Create eye-catching signs and post them at street corners on lamp posts and near stop signs.

You can even take an ad out in the local paper for very little cost, or post on your social media profiles – anything you can do to get people interested will be worth the effort.

2. Get Supplies

Be sure you have everything you need at least a full day before your garage sale starts. That means chairs to sit on, lots of flat surfaces to display your items and take payments, and a big bag full of change.

Don’t waste any money on renting or buying tables, though. Use whatever you have in your house – kitchen and dining room tables, card tables, coffee tables, etc. If it comes down to it, you can take a door off its hinges and place it on top of two milk crates.

For your change bag, you should have at least twenty dollars in quarters, as well as plenty of five and one dollar bills. Simply go to your bank and ask for the change and a reusable cash envelope so you won’t have all your profits lying around outside.

3. Start Early

garage sale tips

Most people hold their garage sales on Friday and Saturday mornings. Bargain hunters tend to be out and about on these days, and many will know in advance and try to beat the crowd by showing up as soon as you begin the sale.

But you can also add some extra days, like Thursday or Sunday – especially if you have a ton of items to sell.

Also, try to hold your garage sale when the weather is at its most moderate. Don’t expect people to show up in 100-degree weather in August. You’ll attract the most customers in the spring, early summer, and early fall.

4. Display with Care

You might not think it, but in a garage sale, presentation matters.

Arrange all of your items by category so it’s easy to navigate between all the sections. Don’t just throw things into big boxes and expect your shoppers to search through them. Line them up on a shelf for easy browsing.

Hang your clothes on a rack, or fold and lay them out on a long table.

Also, make sure all of your items are as clean and tidy as possible. No shoppers want to buy items that are covered in grime or generally unkempt.

You want to ensure everything is as presentable as possible. It won’t take up too much time, but it will make a big difference in sales at the end of the weekend.

5. Tag Everything

All of your items should be clearly marked with price tags. You don’t want some bargain hunter offering to pay you fifty cents for an item worth twenty dollars.

Use masking tape or painters tape, or find price stickers at your nearest hobby, office, or hardware store. Write your prices on them with a permanent marker as legibly as possible.

For larger items, make bigger price signs so your shoppers don’t have to search for that small price tag.

6. Don’t Overprice

Remember that you’re operating a garage sale, not a pawn shop.

Sure, it’s nice to make money off your items, but your ultimate goal is to rid your home of clutter. Shoppers expect a great deal because they know they’re doing you a favor.

A general rule on pricing is to sell items for one-third to one-quarter their original price, especially on well-worn items.

Also, try and keep your prices at nice, round numbers. Think about what kind of cash and coins your shoppers have on them, and don’t make them count out their pennies for exact change.

You can also improvise and create deals on the spot for shoppers. If one of them brings up a full armful of items, round their total off to an even amount at a slight discount. They are buying in bulk, after all.

7. Offer Freebies

Most of your items are worth some money, but you probably have some stuff that’s undeniably junk.

You need to get rid of it, but you don’t feel like forcing someone to pay for it. If so, put it on display as “FREE!”

Someone is bound to snatch it up and out of your hands – and after they see how generous you are, they’re more likely to buy something!

8. Know Your Local Laws

garage sale tips

To hold a successful garage sale, you also need to make sure you hold a legal garage sale.

So, check with your local courthouse or town hall to be sure you’re following all the local rules and guidelines.

Some towns may require a permit or restrict you from holding multiple sales in a given year. You also need to know certain federal regulations concerning the resale of items like toys or baby furniture that may have been recalled.

You don’t want to run into any hefty fines or other legal issues, so do your research.

Good Luck!

With these garage sale tips, you should have no problem organizing the perfect sale and freeing up a huge amount of space in your home. Now it’s up to your clever salesmanship to secure the most profits possible from your garage sale.

If you have any other questions about handling your household issues, you should reach out to an expert. Contact me today – especially if you’re interested in buying or selling real estate in the Austin, Ft. Hood, or Killeen area.