6 Helpful Tips for a Stress-free Move

stress free move

Are you worried about your upcoming move?

I don’t blame you. Moving is rarely easy, that’s for sure.

But what if I told you there was a way to all but guarantee a stress-free move?

You read that right. If you check out these 6 helpful tips, you and your family can move to your new home as if it were a walk in the park.

How to Have a Stress-Free Move

1. Go Lightly

One of the easiest ways to ensure a stress-free move is to reduce the amount of stuff you actually have to, well, move.

When you sort through all your possessions, decide what stuff you really want to keep. One easy way to decide this is to ask yourself if you’ve used a particular item in the past two years. If you haven’t, you probably won’t ever use it again.

Once you’ve figured out which items you could go without, decide which ones you can sell and which ones you should just donate.

Post pictures of the items to social media or sites like Craigslist to see if anyone wants to buy them. If you don’t get any responses, you can simply take them to your nearest shelter or thrift shop.

2. Gather Supplies Ahead of Time

stress free move

When a big move is coming up, you should never expect it’ll be easy to find all the supplies you need in the days leading up to it.

Instead, you should eliminate the unexpected.

First, find more moving boxes than you reasonably need. But whatever you do, don’t pay for them!

Many businesses go through dozens of boxes a day. Go to your local grocery or dollar stores and ask if they have any you could take off their hands.

Aside from boxes, there are other supplies you should keep on hand before, during, and after your move:

  • Gloves
  • Rope
  • Hand trucks
  • Hammers
  • Markers
  • Furniture covers
  • Trash bags
  • Utility knife
  • Tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Padlocks

If you don’t have these items on hand before your move, you might find yourself woefully unprepared. So, to reduce the stress of moving, gather all your supplies in advance.

3. Keep a Rough List

For the items you simply can’t live without, make a list.

If you do, you won’t have to worry about tearing through all your boxes looking for a single item once you reach your new home.

You can also create a list of the items you know you’ll need immediately after the move. Then, pack them together in the same box, or write on the outside of multiple boxes something like: “Important!”

Some items that you should keep track of include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Snacks
  • Coffee
  • Soap
  • Flashlight
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Cups
  • Utensils
  • Can opener
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver

Everyone has their own necessities and their own ideas for how to find them easiest. Organize in whatever way makes the most sense for you – so long as everything reaches the new destination.

4. Pack Like a Pro

Moving isn’t just about heavy lifting. It’s also about careful planning and the proper use of space.

Remember that sometimes, the items that might all fit together the best in boxes will have very different purposes. You might even need some of them all the way up until the very last minutes before you leave – so pack wisely.

If you aren’t sure how to pack efficiently, check out these tips on packing like a pro:

  • Use a suitcase for the essentials. Pretend you’re going on a trip. Think about what items you need to survive, then use the suitcase like an overnight bag. Once you get to your new home, it’ll be way easier to unzip a suitcase than to dig through boxes.
  • Keep your boxes organized. Some people go way overboard on this step and cover their boxes in marker to list every single item inside them. You can do this if you want, but it’s just as easy to group items by theme or room.
  • Use makeshift packing material. Nobody really needs those fun sheets of bubble wrap to pack their boxes. All you need is old newspapers, clothing, blankets, or towels to line your boxes and protect your fragile valuables.
  • Don’t pack unnecessarily. Don’t overthink your packing. Sometimes, it’s as easy as leaving every item of clothing inside your chest of drawers instead of pulling them out and shoving them into boxes.

And here’s one more minor thing: always tape your boxes. If you interlock the tops, they won’t stack well in the truck and you might find damaged items when you unpack.

5. Recruit Some Help

Everyone knows about the stress of moving on your own, so you’ll likely find several willing volunteers. After all, if they ever need help, they’ll know you owe them one.

But sometimes, your friends might need a little extra convincing.

So, stock up on stuff everyone likes to have around while they work. Order pizza and drinks, and make it a somewhat enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Also, if you can’t quite donate or throw away everything you didn’t want to bring with you, offer it up to your moving helpers. They’ll feel like helping you was more than worth it if they get some free stuff out of it.

One last thing: your best bet is to schedule your move with your friends as far in advance as possible. Let everyone know ahead of time so you can guarantee there are no scheduling conflicts.

6. Consider Hiring Movers

stress free move

If you couldn’t find any helpful compadres, you may want to hire a team of movers.

While the upfront cost of movers might seem a little steep, they go a long way in helping you have a stress-free move. Simply open your door to let the movers in and before you know it, all your belongings will be on their way to their new home.

Again, this is best accomplished when it’s scheduled far in advance. You want to be sure the moving company has a truck and team available for the day of your move so you can limit last minute scrambling!

It’s also smart to find out if the movers have any weird rules. Sometimes, a moving company will only take items in boxes instead of bags. Other times, there may be a weight limit on certain items.

But as long as you hire your movers a few weeks before your actual moving day, you should be able to get everything ready without a problem.

After Your Stress-Free Move

Did you make it to your new home in one piece?

If you followed these tips, I’m sure you did!

Now it’s time to get acquainted with your new area. If you live near Austin, Ft. Hood, or Killeen, contact me today. I can help you learn what it’s like to live here and let you in on all my real estate-related secrets!