10 Spooky Austin Haunted Houses to Visit This Halloween

austin haunted houses

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re probably already getting into the spirit of the season!

And lucky for all you scare-fans out there, there’s plenty of festive Halloween fun to enjoy this season in and around Austin – especially if you love haunted houses.

So if you want to experience all the thrills and chills possible this Halloween, make sure you don’t miss out on any of these terrifying Austin haunted houses!

Austin Haunted Houses You Should Check Out This Halloween

austin haunted houses

House of Torment Austin

House of Torment is a 40,000 square foot horror show spectacular with three haunted houses inside it.

Open rain or shine, the House of Torment is widely known as Austin’s premier Halloween event. If you’re a fan of Austin haunted houses, you have no excuse not to go!

Located at the Highland Mall, the shows include:

  • Slaughterhouse: The Harvest
  • Blackthorne District
  • Cursed: Ancients Emerge

The House of Torment is open every day in October from 7:30 to 11:00, so you and your friends have plenty of time to explore all the scares it has to offer!

Scare For a Cure

Do you want to take part in an interactive medieval adventure where you and your family can battle giant spiders and evil zombie warriors?

If so, you should get tickets for Scare for a Cure!

Every weekend during October leading up to Halloween, you and your group can take part in one of the many shows in this Manor, TX haunted house, including:

  • Fairy Tale Nightmare
  • Murder at Ghost Town
  • Boneyard
  • Quest Night

The proceeds from this haunted house are donated to local cancer related charities and organizations, so every scare you pay for helps those in need.

Night Terrors

You truly have to experience Night Terrors for yourself – it has been called one of the most realistic and terrifying Austin haunted houses,

The show – creepy clowns and all – is only open on weekends during the month of October from 7:00 to 11:00 PM.

So go check out Night Terrors on 183, just north of McNeil Drive while you still can. Tickets range from $20 to $34.

Other Spooky Austin Attractions

austin haunted houses

Austin Ghost Tours

For an eerie and unsettling adventure into the history of Austin, the Austin Ghost Tours are more than worth the admission cost.

Voted one of the top ghost tours in the country and featured on History, The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, A&E, NBC, ABC, and PBS, this experience is legitimately entertaining. That’s probably why the show has gone on for more than 20 years!

Some of the creepy (yet educational) shows include:

  • Shadows and Alleyways of the Capitol
  • Haunted Historic District
  • Historic Red Light and Warehouse District Tour

The tours last around 90 minutes on average, and children under 10 years of age get in free!

11th Hour Escape Austin             

Maybe you’ve heard about escape rooms before, where you and a group of friends solve puzzles and mysteries to free yourselves – but you haven’t experienced anything like the 11th Hour Escape.

These rooms are nothing like the rest. From the beginning, you’ll be asked what level of difficulty you’re brave enough to face. Some of the rooms include the Fallout Shelter and Pirate Captives.

You have 60 minutes to escape these intense and harrowing experiences. If you don’t make it out in time, you never know what terror awaits you!

If you’re looking for a heart-pounding escape experience, check out the 11th Hour Escape website for more information.

Austin Panic Room

This escape room experience is so scary that children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. In other words, this escape room is exactly the kind of thrill you and your friends need this Halloween season!

Teamwork is an absolute necessity to get out of these four unique and mystifying escape rooms:

  • Museum Heist
  • Prison Break
  • Abandoned School
  • Cabin Fever

The Austin Panic Room is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00AM to 10:00PM and ticket costs are $25 a person.

Halloween Horrors Near Austin

Phobia Haunted Houses

If you’re traveling to Houston this weekend, you have to check out the Phobia Mega-Screampark.

This haunted house theme park boasts a massive collection of diverse and terrifying experiences, which include escaped mental patients, chainsaw wielding evildoers, wandering zombies, and more.

Phobia offers a wide range of ticket prices depending on how scared you want to be – and how many people are in your group. So check out their website for more information, and good luck.

13th Floor Haunted Houses

If you still can’t get enough of the haunted houses in the area, try traveling to San Antonio for 13th Floor!

This haunted festival has two main attractions: the Burial Ground and Into the Void. Each has fully fleshed out storylines for you and your family to investigate.

The haunted houses have even been featured on websites like Huffington Post, The Travel Channel, and USATODAY.

General admission costs $24.99, so don’t miss out on this haunted festival experience!

Scream Hollow

Scream Hollow is a haunting experience that takes place on 20 acres of land in Bastrop County, 45 minutes southeast of Austin – and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Called the number one haunted house in the nation by Lions Gate Films, you’ll experience 13 builds across the 3 haunted houses far removed from civilization.

Because the haunted houses recreate the experience of being in a genuine horror movie, Scream Hollow promises to be intense and frightening. Tickets to all three attractions cost $25. Go at your own risk!

Terror Mansion

Also found in San Antonio is Terror Mansion, the scariest paranormal experience in the city.

Terror Mansion is a 4 star haunted house attraction with unexplained spiritual history. Visitors have taken pictures and videos that contain creepy orbs, ghosts, and evidence of other paranormal activity.

Witnesses claim to have seen apparitions, been chilled by cold hands on their shoulders, and felt the presence of otherworldly spirits.

Terror Mansion includes 23 haunted rooms to explore – so if you’ll be near San Antonio this weekend, check out their website and get your tickets now.

Will You Visit These Austin area Haunted Houses?

I don’t know about you, but just thinking about going to all these haunted houses in Austin and the surrounding areas is giving me the creeps!

But as you can see, there’ll be no shortage of frights this Halloween season. So go and be merry – and try not to get too scared!

And if you have any other questions about local attractions near Austin, feel free to contact me today. I’m a real estate agent based in the Austin, Ft. Hood, and Killeen region, and I’d love to help you and your family find spooky fun and more this holiday season!